Assistant Proffesor of the postgraduate and undergraduate Level of OMFS

Coordinator of the undergraduate Program in OMFS, Athens, GREECE Staff Surgeon at the University Department of OMFS in "P and A Kyriakou Kyriakou'' Children's Hospital of Athens.

Nadia Theologie-Lygidakis graduated in 1981 from the Dental School of the University of Athens, Greece. She fulfilled a 3-year post-graduate training in Oral Surgery, in Oxford, England and also she received a Master degree from the Medical School of Oxford University.  Subsequently, she was further trained in Athens in General Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery for three more years. Following State examinations she became a Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in 1995.  
Later on she obtained a Master of Science Degree (Oral Biology/Pathology) in 1998 and a PhD in the Dental Faculty from the University of Athens in 2004. 
In addition she has participated in a large number of international continuous education Seminars on subjects related to her specific interests, e.g., traumatology, orthognathic surgery, clefts, paediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery.  



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