Orthodontist, Limassol, Cyprus

Active Member of International Associations (A.A.O., W.F.O. and E.O.S) and Local Associations (O.E.K., T.O.S. and E.O.G.M.E.)

President Elect of the Cyprus Orthodontic Society (C.O.S. ) for 2016-2018

Dr. Petros Kokkinos is an active Orthodontist at the Kokkinos Dental Care Clinic (http://www.kokkinosmileclinic.com), in Limassol of Cyprus. He is also an active member of International (A.A.O, W.F.O., E.O.S.) and Local Associations (O.E.K., T.O.S., E.O.G.M.E.). He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Orthodontic Society, where he was in office as President of the Society during 2002-2004. He is the President Elect of COS for 2016-2018. 




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