List of E-Posters


Craniomaxillofacial Malformations Management


P.1 Efficacy of the Combination of Orthodontic Treatment and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

S. Stavrinidou, C. Laspos (Cyprus) view here


P.2 Report of a case of haemangioma cavernous in cheek

R. P. Lezama, M. R. Galicia (Mexico) view here


P.3 Importance of Various Oral Functions In Clefts Following Prosthodontic Treatment

I. Gitt (Germany) view here


P.5 TMJ ankylosis contributing to coronoid process hyperplasia

W. Wang, D.H Yin, B. Xu, J.Y. Deng , B.J. Zhang, H.Q. Lou (China) view here


P.6 Psychometric evaluation of the rates of anxiety and depression in patients with skeletal malocclusions

A. Drobyshev, I. Chantyr, V. Medvedev, Y. Fofanova (Russian Federation) view here


P.7 Two-stage surgery as a part combined orthodontic and surgical treatment of adult patients with skeletal anterior open bite

A. Drobyshev, A. Slabkovskaya, N. Drobysheva, I. Chantyr (Russian Federation) view here 



Craniomaxillofacial Oncology


P.4 Multiple Primaries In Oral Cancers

H. A. Gitt (Germany) view here 


P.8 Diferential Diagnosis of Primary Intraosseous squamous cell carcinoma

R. Pertile, L. Rizzi, S. Paradisi, A. Mincione, P. Salvatori (Italy) view here


P.9 Clinical presentation of non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the head and neck

K. Santiago, L. Romo, J. C. Lopez, J. Marco, J. A. Marquez (Spain) view here


P.10 Incidence of tonsillar cancer in northern Sweden - impact of human papilloma virus

C. Loizou, G. Laurell, D. Lindquist, C. Öfverman, K. Stefansson, K. Nylander, K. Olofsson (Sweden) view here


P.11a Perioperative Antibiotic Management in Oncological Head and Neck Surgery

A. Bartella, B. Lethaus, J. Teichmann, M. Kamal, J. Steegmann, F. Hölzle (Germany) view here


P.11b Intraarterial Chemotherapy as Valid Therapeutical Alternative to Systemic Chemotherapy in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Patients

A. Bartella, C. Loberg, T. Steiner, K. Aigner, F. Hölzle (Germany) view here


P.12 Exponentially growing osteosarcoma with acromegaly

G. Lee, B-Y. Kim, B. K. Kim, C-H. Baek (South Korea) view here


P.13 Avoiding tracheostomy leads to enhanced patient recovery in head and neck oncology patients.

M. J. Coyle, D. R. P. Godden (United Kingdom) view here


P.14 Parotid cancer and Radiotherapy: The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Experience 1999-2003

D. Vomvas , M. Georgiou, C. Charalambous, N. Katodritis (Cyprus) view here (file 1) view here (file 2) 


P.15 Case report of dermoid cyst at the floor of the mouth

V. Gurbanov, Y. Yusubov, B. Baş, B. Özden (Turkey) view here


P.16 Significance of sentinel biopsy in the treatment of melanoma at the region of head and neck – concerns

S. Loncarevic, M. Gardasevic, I. Obradovic (Serbia)



Craniomaxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery


P.17 The surgical repair of large palatal defects using tongue flaps 

H-J Hochstein, A. Held (Germany) view here


P.18 An osteoplastic advancement flap & “sandwich” osteotomy prior to implant placemen: a case report

A. N. Beech, M. Coyle, J. N. Farrier (United Kingdom) view here


P.19 Recurrent painful tongue swelling in a 5 year old child-an interesting association

A. N. Beech, J. N. Farrier (United Kingdom) view here


P.20 A rare orofacial avulsive injury resembling a chronic ulcerative process

J. M. Rius, Ll. Brunet-Llobet, E. Lahor-Soler, J. A. Giménez-Rubio (Spain) view here


P.21 The use of injection fillers in HIV patients with facial lipoatrophy: a literature review

T. Droushiotis, A. Munteanu-Tirila, A. Charalambous, M. Mifsud (United Kingdom) view here


P.22 Variant simultaneous reconstructive plastic surgical treatment of malignant tumors of head and neck.

A.P. Polyakov , I.V. Reshetov, O.V Matorin, M.V Ratyshnyy, M.M Filushin, F.E Sevrukov, V.N. Vasiliev, I.V. Rebrikova, U.S Panaseykin, N.V. Babaskina (Russian Federation)  


P.23 Customized titanium mesh on 3D rapid prototype for orbital reconstruction after malignant tumor ablation surgery

B. K. Kim, G. Lee, B. Y. Kim, C-H. Baek, (South Korea) view here



Craniomaxillofacial Regional Surgery


P.24 Does Cone Beam Computed tomography (CBCT) prevent inferior Alveolar Nerve injuries caused by lower third molar removal?

M. Mabongo, M. Thekiso (South Africa) view here


P.25 Quantitative Assessment of mandibular canal compression prior to mandibular third molar extraction assessed by cone beam CT

D. Alhazmi, F. Badr, F. Jadu, A. Jan (Saudi Arabia) view here


P.26 Spontaneous complete resolution of a radiolucency associated with an impacted mandibular third molar

A. Naqvi, N. Tanna, S. Koshal (United Kindgom) view here 



Craniomaxillofacial Traumatology


P.27 Use of the locking 2.0 mm fixation system for treating mandibular fractures with the potential for complications

J. G. C. Luz, R. Camino Jr, M. S. A. Saavedra, L. R. Linard-Martins (Brazil) view here


P.28 New miniplate designed to improve new bone formation
T. S. Pituru, O. Dinca, C. Gudas, S-M. Pituru, C. Mindrescu, A. Bucur (Romania) view here


P.29 Isolated Neurogenic Blepharoptosis Secondary to Trauma

J. Shin, J. H. Lee, Y. J. Jun, Y. J. Kim (South Korea) view here


P.30 A study into the clinical features that most strongly correlate to radiographic findings of mid-face fractures

A. N. Beech, S. Haworth, A. S. Bates, G. J. Knepil (United Kingdom) view here 



Advanced Implantology


P.31 23 Year long-term Success in Implantology – A Case Report

S. Jank, B. Plaikner, D. Schröder (Austria) view here 


P.32 Cortical-cancellous fresh frozen bone blocks for atrophic posterior mandible augmentation: tomographic study in humans.

E. R. Silva, R. H. Sturaro, L. Chaushu, G. Chaushu, S. P. Xavier (Brazil) view here





P.33 Teenagers’ oral health attitudes in Limassol Cyprus

I. Irodotou, A. Merkouris, N.Nikolaou, M. Georgiou, N. Charalambous, M. Gavrielidou, P. Lamprou-Christodoulou (Cyprus) view here



Craniomaxillofacial Applied Basic Science


P.34 Persistent Oroantral Fistula – An Unusual Cause

N.Tanna, D. Awal, J. Eyeson (United Kingdom) view here


P.36 A feasibility study of a domiciliary facial cooling therapy system following third molar surgery and effect of quality of life

A. N. Beech, G. J. Knepil (United Kingdom) view here


P.37 The resources available on the internet regarding the Coronectomy procedure

D. Awal, H. Brookman, A. Naqvi, S. Koshal (United Kingdom) view here